Cairo Multi Vendor Lot Maps

We like a challenge here in Cairo, Nebraska.  Plus, we don’t want you to miss out on all the quality junk bringing brought in by all our wonderful Junk Jaunt vendors.  

Play the Cairo Junk Jaunt Passport game.  Pick up a passport map at The Medina Street Vault.  Stop at all the vendor locations listed check them off and drop your passport, completed or not, at the Medina Street Vault.  

The Medina Street Vault will draw one lucky winner on October 2 to receive a gift basket that includes: 2 Junk Jaunt T-Shirts, 2 Stainless Steel Cairo Community Foundation Tumblers, a Medina Street Vault Gift Certificate and a Small Cooler.  

Enjoy the 15th year of Nebraska Junk Jaunt playing the Cairo Passport Game.

Junk Jaunt Concert – Luke Mills

Luke Mills will perform an acoustic concert during Junk Jaunt on Friday, September 22nd, starting at 7pm.

A free will donation benefits Cairo Community Foundation.

The winery and vendors in that lot will be open for the event.

A beverage concession stand will be open for the event.

Bring a lawn chair and enjoy a wonderful concert by Luke Mills.

This concert is made possible through a grant from Kohls Cares Program.

Junk Jaunt Shopper Guides and Signs

The Junk Jaunt Shopper Guides are here.  You can pick up your shopper guide up at the Pump N Pantry or at the Village office.

The Junk Jaunt Signs are also in.  If you registered for Nebraska Junk Jaunt you can pick up your signs at the Village Office.  If you are a vendor in the Ball Park, Community Center or at the Christ Lutheran Lot your sign will be delivered to you.

Cairo Junk Jaunt T-Shirts will be available in the Village Office or at Christ Lutheran Church.


Junk Jaunt t-shirt

Junk Jaunt 2016 Registration Forms Are Now Online

Junk Jaunt t-shirtJunk Jaunt returns to Cairo, September 23, 24 & 25.

Lots will be rented by the Village of Cairo at the Cairo North Ball Field, Christ Lutheran Church Lot, Cairo Community Center, and Main Street (High St.)

The Centura Booster Club will operated concession stands at the North Ball Field and the Community Center.  The Christ Lutheran volunteers will operate concessions at the Christ Lutheran Lot.

Garage sales fees to the Village of Cairo are $15.

Several vendors have already paid for their lots this year.  Most vendors have indicated they would like to return for 2016.


Cairo’s Passport program has been adopted by the Nebraska Junk Jaunt.  All visitors will be able to participate in the new program renamed “Find the Bug.”  The Junk Jaunt Volkswagen Bug logo will be placed in several locations all along the Junk Jaunt.  A passport will be included in the shopper guide to check off “Bugs” found.  Passports returned to the Nebraska Junk Jaunt will be entered into a drawing for prizes.

2016 Registration forms can be downloaded from here.

Junk Jaunt Passport Winners

2015 nebraska junk jauntCairo Junk Jaunt Passport Winners

$25 Gift Card goes to Vicki Morgozewski and the Junk Jaunt swag collection goes to Regan McMahone.

Thank you Mike Stutzman one of our Junk Juant Vendors for donating the cash gift card and thank to the Village of Cairo for donating the Junk Jaunt swag collection.

We look forward to the Junk Jaunters returning next year!!!




Junk Jaunt Contributions

Junk Jaunt contributionsThis year Junk Jaunt took a new approach utilizing the benefit of the event to generate funding in  Cairo.  The Village rented spaces this year at the North Ball Field, Christ Lutheran Church and the Cairo Community Center.  Registration fees from those locations generated donations to the Cairo Ball Association for $1,250, Christ Lutheran Church for $525 and the Cairo Community Center for $1,235.

Mayor, Bill Heger presented the Junk Jaunt contribution check to Clint Boersen, Vice President of the Cairo Ball Association on Monday.  Clint said that this contribution will go along way to continuing the improvements of the ball fields.  Our ball fields are an excellent source of entertainment for our youth and revenue for our area businesses.


Jaunt Volunteers – Couldn’t Have Done It Without You #junkjaunt

Cairo Junk JauntMany, many thanks to all who attended, were vendors and volunteered to make Junk Jaunt 2014 a giant success for Junk Jaunt and the Cairo community.

Thank you to Kim Hostetler.  Kim spent the last 6 months collecting and registering vendors for this event.  It was a difficult job that she did incredibly well.  Thank you to Heather Hadenfeldt who helped develop the passport program, organized the visitor booths and created the passport doors.  We received  nearly 100 passports and lots of compliments on the passport program.  It will be something we definitely do for Junk Jaunt 2015.  Thank you to John Hadenfeldt for coming up with the T-shirt design.  We had tons of compliments on the t-shirts.  Thank you to the Queens of the Nile aka Susan Kluthe and Christy Osborn for all their administrative support, handing out signs and fielding tough questions.  Thank you to Pathway Bank and their employees:  Tom Emerton, Dick Heckman, Deb Hargens, Dixie McCord, Lisa Esquivel, Julie Erb, and Cindy Pope  as well as town members Fran Johnson, Peyton McCord, Peg Hadenfeldt, Don Putscher, Barb Blassingame, Matt and Alice Bellamy, Jean Oltman and Renee Luckey for manning our visitor information booths.  Thank you to the Centura Booster club for being a contact point for the vendors at the ball field and keeping the bathrooms stocked and operating.  Thank you to the congregation at Christ Lutheran Church for all the hours you spent getting the field ready for vendors, manning the visitor station and taking care of the vendors in your location. Thank you to Steve and Cornell for keeping the town looking its best and rescuing me from malfunctioning equipment.  Junk Jaunt is a huge job and an incredible benefit to our Community without your support it just wouldn’t have happened.   Thank you for all your support.

Charity Adams
Junk Jaunt Coordinator

Junk Jaunt Update

junk jaunt t-shirt 2014Junk Jaunt arrives next week.  According to statistics we can expect up to 20,000 people from over 34 states to attend this event.  This is an excellent opportunity for Cairo to showcase our Village and an excellent fundraising opportunity for groups in our community.

The Booster Club will be the main food booth at the North Ball Field this year.  The Booster club will be serving breakfast burritos in the morning, burgers and brats for lunch and early supper.  The North Ball Field holds approximately 35 vendor spaces.

Junk Jaunt organizers have added an additional  vendor field at Christ Lutheran Church.  36 vendors booths are available in this location.  Christ Lutheran Church will be the main food vendor.  Christ Lutheran Church will also be a vendor, selling donated items from congregation members and the community.

Junk Jaunt has added visitor centers at the North Ball Field, Christ Lutheran Church and on High Street.  Visitors centers will provide information on rest room facilities, parking, assist vendors in set up, provide maps of Cairo and Junk Jaunt Shopper guides.  Visitors centers will also sell Cairo Passports, Bumper Stickers and T-shirts.

Junk jaunt passport doorThe Cairo Passport Program will feature 7 locations.  Passport owners can stop by one of the passport locations to punch their passport.  Completed passports can be left in any of the passport locations or at the visitor centers.  Completed passports will be entered to win Cairo Junk Jaunt T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Bumper Stickers.  Passport locations include:  The Watering Hole, Oak Creek Mercantile, Cairo Community Center, Christ Lutheran Church,  Centura Canteen(Booster Club Booth at North Ball Field), Pathway Bank and Planter Paradise.

The Junk Jaunt organizers are in need of volunteers to man visitor booths during the event.  Please contact Charity Adams at 308-379-9119 or to volunteer your time to make Junk Jaunt 2014 a success!


Junk Jaunt t-shirt

Junk Jaunt Update

Junk Jaunt t-shirt

This is Cairo T-shirt idea!!!!

There are currently 85 registered vendors for Junk Jaunt 2014.  The vendor booths at the North Ball Field are field.  Vendor locations at Christ Lutheran Church are still available but filling quickly.  If you would like to register as a vendor please click here.

Cairo will be represented from 9am to 9pm at the Nebraska State Fair, Tuesday August 26th.  Please stop by the booth to say Hi if you are at the fair tomorrow.

Cairo Junk Jaunt is in search of volunteers to man visitors center booths.  The booths will pass out maps, share our social media connections on Facebook and Twitter, sell t-shirts and passports and provide general information for the 20,000 people who visit Junk Jaunt.  If you are interested in volunteering a few hours at a visitor booth please contact Charity Adams at 308-379-9119

Cairo is introducing  a Cairo Junk Jaunt passport program to increase awareness of location in the community, raise funds for future events.  Junk Jaunt visitors can purchase a passport card, punch their card at various locations through out town.  When all locations have been punched passport holders will drop the passport in a registration bucket.  Completed passports will be drawn for a $100 cash prize, t-shirts, and Nebraska Junk Jaunt coffee cups.