Cairo Business Park

Cairo Business Park Lots For Sale

Cairo Business Park Development located in the South West corner of Kansas and 130th Rd. offers 18 lots, ranging in sizes of 1.5 to nearly 3 acres, strategically located in the center of the United States.  This site is serviced by US Highways 2 and 11.  It has close proximity to US Highways 281, 30 and Interstate 80.  The Village of Cairo is the sole owner and intends to develop and market the land for business development purposes at its highest and best use.

The business park is within 15 minutes of Grand Island, Nebraska.  Industries including Nova Tech, Chief, Hornady Manufacturing, Case New Holland, McCain Foods are located in Grand Island, Nebraska.

The business park is within 20 minutes of the Grand Island Regional Airport.

Businesses may be eligible for the 0% financing lot program and lot rebate program.  Businesses who build property of a specified value per lot, can receive up to 100% of the cost of their lot returned through the lot rebate program.  Businesses who have made improvements on their lots meeting Village of Cairo standards may also apply for Cairo Sales Tax Business Development Grants 1 year after building completion.

Proposals must be submitted to the Village of Cairo for approval.  The Village of Cairo has complete discretion on the types of businesses they allow to purchase or participate in incentive programs with regards to the Cairo Business Park.

The Cairo Business Park lots are a minimum of 1acre.  Businesses may purchase multiple lots using incentive packages.

All lots include access to Village of Cairo water and sewer.  Lots are shovel ready.

Interest in developing your business in the Cairo Business Park can be directed to Cairo Community Development office at 308-379-9119 or

All lots are owned and sold by the Village of Cairo.

Lots for Sale in Cairo Business Park

The Village of Cairo has 16 lots for sale in the Cairo Business Park.  The business park is located at 130th Rd and Kansas St.  The park is approximately 35 acres.  Lots are a minimum of 1 acre.

New or expanding businesses may qualify for the Village of Cairo business development incentive program.  This program offers qualifying businesses lots for $1.  Please contact Charity Adams at 308-379-9119 for more information about the Cairo Business Park.

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