We Need You For A Focus Group

Cairo is working with Five Rule Planning to conduct three studies. A comprehensive plan, a housing study, and a community needs assessment.

Five Rule Planning is reaching out to a number of Cairo Community residents asking them to participate in community focus groups. These focus groups meet briefly and provide feedback on the past, current, and future community needs.

This data is recorded to develop a community needs assessment survey. Cairo residents are invited and are encouraged to participate in the survey when it becomes available. Survey data is used as a tool for the Village Board to make decisions, community groups to make improvements, and provide data required to access funding.

If you have received a call, letter, email, or voicemail please respond. Your information is needed to create the survey.

Calendars for Sale

 Cairo Community Foundation  North Ball Field Committee has created  2021 calendars to sell for $50 a calendar. Each month a lucky winner (someone who bought a calendar) will have the opportunity to win a new gun or $500 cash. 

If you would like a calendar or know of any one who would like one, please contact Barb Knopik or Tara Janda to buy one. They can also be purchased at the Village Office.

Downtown Trick or Treat

Join the local businesses in Cairo for our very first Downtown Trick or Treat event, Friday October 30th from 4-7. Dress in your costumes and grab a treat from the following businesses: Pump n Pantry, Medina Street Vault, Christ Lutheran Church, Pathway Bank & Insurance, Stretch Powersports, The Gathering Place, KS Hair Crafting, The Watering Hole, Inspire Salon, Village of Cairo, Western National Bank, First Baptist Church, Cairo Community Foundation, German Farmers Mutual Insurance.

The First Baptist Church is serving hot dogs, chips, and water.

Downtown Trick or Treat Event

Bring your little ones out to trick or treat in their costumes on Friday, October 30th anytime from 4-7. The local businesses participating in this first annual event are as follows: German Farmers Mutual Insurance, First Baptist Church, Western National, Village of Cairo, Inspire Salon, The Watering Hole, KS Hair Crafting, The Gathering Place, Stretch Powersports, Pathway Bank & Insurance, The Medina Street Vault, Christ Lutheran Church, and Pump & Pantry. Hope to see you all on Friday!!!!

KRVN @ Junk Jaunt

KRVN will be at Junktion 2 & 11 on Friday, September 25 from 9-11, their is a giveaway for a 2020 Chevy Blazer, the drawing will be a couple of weeks from now. Anyone is able to register for the giveaway. Stop by and register to win!

It’s Nebraska Junk Jaunt Week

It’s Nebraska Junk Jaunt week in Cairo, Nebraska.

Christ Lutheran Church is serving brisket again. Be sure to venture up to the Lutheran church at least once if not twice to eat in person or take some to go.

There are concessions at the Community Center and a full house of vendors.

The Cairo Ball Association is operating the North Ballfield. Lots of vendors this year.

The Village has been notified there are bargains and treasures galore at Planter Paradise.

Junk-tion 2&11 has rounded up KRVN radio to be on site. KRVN is bringing out a fancy new blazer, car not jacket. Be sure to stop by for more details.

Baklava has been baked according to the Big Fat Greeks so be sure to stop in to get some. Located by Baasch Welding.

The Vault and the Watering Hole are both putting out special Junk Jaunt edition menus.

The Big A*# Shed is operating again this year.

Special entertainment happening at the Veteran Memorial Park starting at 9 am on Saturday morning. Watch the amazing and talented Cairo Volunteers pull pipe and install sprinklers. Bring a shovel and assist so you can forever drive by the park and say “I had a piece of building that.”

Drones Fly Over Friday

The Village of Cairo is updating its comprehensive plan. The comprehensive plan is a study that includes a compilation of current land use and makes recommendations on future land use. This information is beneficial to the Village board and any Cairo committees assisting with village development. Comprehensive plans are typically updated once every 5 to 7 years.

Cairo’s new comprehensive study includes drone mapping. Weather permitting drones are set to fly over Cairo Friday, September 11th to complete mapping.

In the coming weeks you may also see a gentleman driving and stopping frequently on Cairo streets making notes. This individual is also mapping the area as a part of the comprehensive plan.