Steering Meeting Recap

Our purpose is to create a strategic plan for future development, make beatifications and improvements, promote a sense of community and belonging, and foster unified and transparent communication. 

In keeping with our goal to foster unified and transparent communication, I would like to share what we discussed at the latest Steering Meeting.

The Point of Entry Committee (formed out of Steering) hopes to finish the Welcome sign at our East entrance this spring. We are holding a Bags, Brats and Beers Fundraiser at the Community Center on April 4th to finish funding for this project and help fund POE signs for our remaining entrances (South and West). More information on the Fundraiser will be shared separately on this page.

Other projects we discussed and that we will be moving forward with are a pickleball court and a sand volleyball court. We considered the tennis court as a possible location for pickle ball and north of the park on the golf course for sand volleyball. If anyone would be interested in helping with these projects and joining the SVP Committee, please let me know. We hope to get these knocked out quickly.

Mike Stutzman would like us to take full advantage of the Junk Jaunt and proposed an “event within the event” to promote Cairo and our businesses. There is a meeting on February 19th to discuss this further, along with the Junk Jaunt in general. This is an exciting opportunity to take full advantage of the droves of people that come to our town for the Junk Jaunt. 

If you have any questions, or would like to be involved with any of the above, feel free to call or email me (308) 390-4231 or

-Anna Rathke

Village Wide Steering Committee Meeting

There will be a Steering Committee meeting on Tuesday, February 4th at 7:30pm at Centura Hills. Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting, regardless of your involvement in the past.

The Point of Entry Committee (which was formed out of the Steering Committee), will be giving an update on their project. We would also like to give the floor to other individuals/committees to get an update on their existing projects, and if they are in need of any help with starting/existing projects.

I truly encourage you to make the meeting! We hope to gather as much information as possible in hopes that the Steering Committee can be a place where we can all get on the same page and help the community grow.

If you have any questions, please email me and

Cairo Steering Committee

There will be a meeting on April 2nd at 7:00pm at Centura Hills to discuss current/needed projects for our community.

The Steering Committee’s purpose is to create a strategic plan for future development, make beautification and improvements, promote a sense of community and belonging, and foster unified and transparent communication. As a committee, we will be reaching out to the people of Cairo to find out what you think. If you are the head of a committee or have a specific need/idea for our community, please feel free to come to the meeting. This is your chance to be heard! Every project will be added to our list and prioritized by our committee. From there, our committee will come up with a game plan for these projects and get the ball rolling, if that means reaching out to other committees, making a subcommittee of our own or us getting our hands dirty. We are a new and improved committee and look forward to serving Cairo!