Centura Hills Parade of Homes

Centura Hills will feature two homes in the Central Nebraska Home Builders Parade of Homes on September 30th from 10 am to 5 pm.

Get a sneak peek of the two homes on the Parade.  Homes are built by Hodges Carpentry for owner, Cairo Growth LLC represented by Tom Emerton, 308-485-4232.

Homes are located at 1005 Birdie Blvd and 1206 Birdie Blvd.  These homes are for sale by owner.

Junk Jaunt Concert – Luke Mills

Luke Mills will perform an acoustic concert during Junk Jaunt on Friday, September 22nd, starting at 7pm.

A free will donation benefits Cairo Community Foundation.

The winery and vendors in that lot will be open for the event.

A beverage concession stand will be open for the event.

Bring a lawn chair and enjoy a wonderful concert by Luke Mills.

This concert is made possible through a grant from Kohls Cares Program.

Junk Jaunt Monogram Money

Junk-tion 2&11 will be hosting KRVN for Monogram Money.  This event is sponsored by Pathway Bank of Cairo.  Visit Junk-tion 2 & 11 between 9 am and 11 am for a chance to win $880 in cash.  Junk-tion 2 & 11 is located in the southeast corner of the intersection of HWY 2 and 11

How the game is played
1. Junk-tion 2 & 11 will spin the wheel three times and get three different letters.
2. Your initials must match in order that the letters are drawn.
3. Each drawing is worth $88.00.
4. We will spin every 10 minutes.
5. Some spins will be on air and some will not.

Spin 1 M, Spin 2 J Spin 3 S,
– If your name is Michael James Smith you are a winner.
– If your name is Sam Mitchell James you are not a winner, but better luck next time.

Here are the basic rules
1. You will have 3 minutes to claim the cash prize from the time the last letter has been spun.
2. You must have a legal ID from any state or a current passport. You must show one form of ID to claim the prize.
3. If no winner the money will be rolled over to the next drawing.
4. If there is a tie on initials, the winner will be the older person.

Junk Jaunt Signs

If you are a junk jaunt vendor your junk jaunt sign is available.  You can pick up your sign at the Village office between 8 and 5.  If you are a vendor in the Christ Lutheran lot Cairo Ball Field, Community Center your sign will be available when you check into the lot.