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July 15 – Lemonade Business Days

What is Lemonade Business Days

A five day camp teaching kids how to be entrepreneurs

4th through 8th graders learn how to develop, market and finance their own lemonade stands.

Students Visit the Medina Street Vault and Stretch Powersports to learn how entrepreneurs started and successfully operate their businesses

Visit Pathway Bank to open a business checking account, take out a loan and shop for lemonade stand supplies in the Pathway Bank supply store.

Classroom time includes information on designing, developing, budgeting and building lemonade stands.

Students operate their lemonade stands in Hulett Park, 11:30 to 1:30 on July 15. The public is invited to purchase from the new entrepreneurs.

Lemonade customers receive a free ticket to the Cairo Swimming Pool.

Please register today. There is no charge for this class.
Supported by Beyond School Bells Grant, Pathway Bank and the Cairo Community Foundation Children’s Program Fund.

Sign up at Centura Youth Programs

Or contact Abby Hargens at