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Cairo CornStalk Festival June 9, 2018

Just to let everyone know the Cairo CornStalk Festival is June 9. Events include: Parade, BMX bikes, fireman’s challenge, turtle races, kids games, food, car wash, walk/run event, street dance featuring “Whiskey Bent”, Centura Alumni dinner catered by the Medina Street Vault and other events still in the works! We will have a theme soon!

You Won’t Need Your Kitchen This Weekend

That’s right no need for a kitchen this weekend. March 16 – Formerly Three Band and Food and Drink Specials at the Watering Hole March 16 – Corned beef and Cabbage, 11:30 to 1:30 at Centura Hills March 17 – Annual Firemen Smorgasbord starting at 4:30 at the Community Center March 18 – Sunday Dinner […]

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